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Founded by a team of crypto veterans with a vision to build a fun and functional ecosystem, $STREET isn’t just a meme coin on Base, it's a foundation for memes and beyond.
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CA: 0xb661933d9f24ec34dc0fd6862f086079f864b26f

How to buy $STREET

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Navigate to the 'Settings' option within your wallet and locate the networks section. Manually include a new network, and input the following details for Base:            

          • Network Name: BaseRPC
          • Endpoint: https://mainnet.base.org/
          • Chain ID: 8453
          • Currency Symbol: ETH
         • Block Explorer: https://basescan.org 

​Click on 'CONNECT TO BASE' after saving the information. Upon completion, you can connect to Base by choosing it from the network selection menu.
To fund your Base wallet with ETH, you have a couple of options:           

          1. Transfer ETH from Coinbase, Binance, Byit, or OKX to your Base wallet. Ensure you select Base as the withdrawal network.
          2. Utilize the following bridge to transfer ETH to Base from another chain:
          • Official Base Bridge:

To employ the bridge, connect your wallet, choose the network you wish to bridge from, designate Base as the target network, and specify the amount of ETH you intend to transfer.
1.Change the network in your wallet to Base from the network dropdown menu.


3.Link your wallet.

4. In the lower swap field, choose a token and enter the official $STREET token address:0xb661933d9f24ec34dc0fd6862f
Execute the swap by following these steps:

  1. Input the desired amount of ETH.
2.Adjust the slippage to 3-4% by clicking on the settings wheel.
 3.Click on "Swap."
4.Confirm the transaction within your wallet.

The street is open for business.

Get Ready.

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